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Learning Partnership West (LPW) in Southmead



LPW Southmead
Greystoke Avenue Southmead
BS10 6AS Bristol
Thousands of children, young people and adults in Bristol are in need – from places to be active and play, to learning opportunities and meaningful work, accommodation, specialist one-to-one support and every sort of demand in between. Where their needs aren’t met, the consequences can be grave, for the people themselves, their families and schools, and the communities in which they live. Anti-social behaviour, criminality, poor school attendance, vandalism and a breakdown in family and social relations are just some of the results when need is ignored or goes unsatisfied. The LPW Vision: Through an intense focus on children, young people and adults and based on a financially sustainable income generation model, LPW will be the best at promoting learning, play and work to support communities, particularly those threatened by disadvantage and inequality.
0117 987 3700
LPW Southmead
Greystoke Avenue
BS10 6AS