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SCART Shop (Information Centre)
169 Greystoke Avenue
BS10 6AS

The SCART Shop is run by volunteers for Working In Southmead for Health (WISH) and is the central info point for our community. Drop in anytime we're open on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and take a look at the wide variety of information we hold, and that doesn't include what we have in our heads! If you're shy then take a look at the posters in our windows, you may find what you need there. The shop provides many different services for residents such as the Credit Union, Job Club & Foodbank vouchers as well as free access to a phone or the internet. We also offer low cost photocopying. Please check separate listings for timings.

Opening Hours

Monday: 10-3pm benefits help and advice appointments only - please phone to make an appointment
Tuesday: 10-3pm Credit union until 2.30
Wednesday: 9.30-11.30am Job club | 1.00-4.00pm Stop smoking advisor
Thursday: 10.30-4.00pm Food Bank Vouchers
Friday 10.00-3.00pm

0117 9506823
Southmead Development Trust

Southmead Development Trust exists to serve the community of Southmead and primarily does this by running the Southmead Youth Centre and a large centre called The Greenway Centre. The centre shares the site with a GP surgery and we see ourselves as a healthy living centre, social enterprise hub and community centre. We have a board of trustees who either live or work locally. Recently, the Trust was involved with the Southmead Community Plan, an initiative by residents and community stakeholders to benefit Southmead. We hope this plan will increase the likelihood of the estate receiving financial investment and positively influence decisions that will have an impact on Southmead.

St Monica Trust
Cricket Lane

BS32 0BX

St Monica Trust is nationally recognised for the high quality sheltered accommodation we provide in our Bristol and North Somerset-based retirement villages.

We offer Care at Home, a flexible and responsive care and support service for people wishing to retain their independence and remain living in their own home.

0117 377 3840
St Stephen’s Church

We are an Anglican church situated in Southmead, Bristol, seeking to see our neighbourhood transformed by the love of Jesus Christ.Rev Tanya Lord

At St Stephen’s you’ll receive a warm welcome and meet people of all ages and stages of life. Whatever your background, and wherever you’re coming from, we’d love to meet you. If you’re looking for God, whether you’re ready to commit, or are just curious to find out more, you are so welcome here.

In addition to our morning Sunday services, the doors of St Stephen’s Church are open throughout the week to all generations. From baptisms to weddings, to funerals; our desire is to minister to the people of Southmead in all of life’s significant events.

If you would like to explore the meaning of life in an informal environment, we would love to invite you to attend Alpha.

If you are interested in getting more involved with any aspect of life here at St Stephen’s, or for anything else, please contact us.

0117 950 7164
The Real Economy Southmead Centre
Southmead Community Centre
248 Greystoke Avenue
BS10 6BQ

The Real Economy Southmead Centre is a place for all residents who want to build a happier, healthier, more caring community, living in better relationship with the earth and one another. Activities at the centre will be based around the three pillars of good food, great community and inspiring ideas, and will include things such as:

- a weekly meal, cooked and eaten together from local produce,
- growing food on available land in the area and building a productive community farm,
- supporting those going through difficult times, including help with access to quality food and opportunities to gain skills and experience,
- creating saleable goods, such as craft, repurposed goods or value added food products,
- identifying problems in the neighbourhood and finding ways to improve them, whether this be tasks such as fixing and painting or creating an outreach team to reach isolated residents,
- discussing issues that are important to us and affect our daily lives; thinking about how we might reimagine society and what action can be taken by the community to move towards a fairer and kinder society.

We want to contribute to the sense of community in the local area by providing a place where people can come and engage in creative activities for the good of themselves and their community. We hope that people will find a welcome at the Real Economy Centre and an opportunity to join with others in an activity that is doing something really worthwhile. We have grown used to thinking that everything anyone does for someone else today should be paid for in cash. This is the sign of a weak community.

The truth may be that a strong community can be measured by the network of people among whom favours are freely given and freely received. This is what we hope to create.  

Our Real Economy Southmead centre will be based at Southmead Community Centre and open to everyone living in, or near Southmead, as well as any volunteers who would like to join us from wider afield. It is vital that we create a balanced community and include people with various skills and interests. If you have a particular skill, that can be used for the good of the community in some way, then come and share it with others. The aim will be to shape the activities of the centre according to the interests of local people and we will establish a local user group early on to make this happen. We will also be specifically inviting local services and agencies to recommend people to come to our centre who might be insecure in terms of food or otherwise benefit from the community.

Please get in touch with Florence if you would like to be involved.

07429 957881 (Florence)
Bluebell Nursery
Greenway Centre
Doncaster Road
BS10 5PY

We accept children aged from 2-5. Children will be cared for by staff with many years of experience in working with children. The nursery provides a stress-free environment for the children due to the presence of multilingual staff, so every child will be understood. The children can learn about different cultures from their peers. We accept applications from children who are entitled to free 15 hours.

0770 098 434
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