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Doncaster Road Southmead
BS10 5PY Bristol
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Do you enjoy cinema? Could you help organise community events in Southmead? We have secured funding for a group of film enthusiasts to put on a cinema club for local residents – including some funding for a minibus collection service. The cinema is primarily aimed at older people who are isolated, helping them meet others and become part of the community.

What will I do?  You will help publicise and organise a cinema screening monthly, selecting the films to watch, putting together posters and then helping out at the event itself. We hope that a group of volunteers would like to continue running the club so Southmead residents have the chance to see a movie every month. You can even drive the minibus!

Why should I do it? You and others will enjoy the magic of cinema, and be able to support the most isolated people in the community to get out and make new friends. You will gain experience in event organising and marketing.

Who should I be? You should have a passion for cinema and work well with others. Some experience in making posters or organising events would be useful. If you hold a MIDAS certification for a minibus, we want to hear from you.

Where will I be? You will work with others volunteers from a community venue of your choice! The cinema currently runs at the Greenway Centre, Doncaster Road BS10 5PY.

When do you need me? We need support every month to organise and run the event up to 3 hrs every month. Help outside of events in designing posters, organising which films to watch and where as well as publicising the event is expected to take a couple of hours extra.

Anything else I should know… Helping older people get involved is key to reducing social isolation in Southmead.

How do I sign up!  Call Serge Chapman on 07756 908525 or email [email protected]


For more ways to get involved in your community or other volunteering opportunities, contact Serge Chapman on 07756 908525 or email [email protected]

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Southmead Community Cinema
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