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What is volunteering?
Volunteering comes under different names but is about giving your time to a good cause. You don't get paid, but you do get the chance to use your talents, develop new skills, and experience the pleasure that comes from making a real difference to other people's lives, as well as your own.

Why volunteer?
There are lots of reasons people volunteer their time; helping a cause you care about, gaining new skills or confidence, supporting your local community, feel needed, meet new people, turning a negative experience into a positive, becoming heathier and fitter and having fun! Whatever a person's reason fro volunteering, their support is always welcome.

How do you become a volunteer?
First think about what your motivation is, what you want to get out of volunteering and how much time you can give. When you know what you want you know what to look for. Then look around you - there are volunteer adverts everywhere. You can heck local notice boards, websites (like this one) or pop in to the SCART Shop on Arnside. Ask around your friends, family or your local activity groups to see if they know of anyone who needs a volunteer. A personal connection is a great place to start.
Once you have found something you want to do - make sure you apply! Some opportunities won't need you to formally apply where as some will need you to fill in application forms, got to interviews and complete some training. This can be great experience of itself but make sure you know what is involved beforehand.
All that is left then is to start enjoying yourself as a volunteer! You can find more information on volunteering here on this website - check out opportunities under the job's tab or register your interest in volunteering.