Volunteering Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer and give back to you community... but it isn't always easy to find something!

You can find volunteering opportunities in Southmead by looking under the Jobs tab (www.themead.org.uk/jobs) where local organisations who need support have uploaded. If you can't find something that interests you or suits your skills or motivation, you can register your interest in volunteering by clicking on the 'Register your interest' tab (www.themead.org.uk/content/register-your-interest-volunteering). Serge Chapman, Volunteer Project Coordinator at Southmead Development Trust, can then be in contact to discuss.

Approaching local groups or organisations you are interested in is also a good way of finding a volunteering opportunity you would enjoy. Try searching the directory for things you know you would enjoy supporting or getting involved in and then being in touch with the organiser.

You can also use Do-it (www.do-it.org), a national database of opportunities, to search by area, activity or use Voscur (www.voscur.org) to look at volunteering in Bristol.