Predators Cheerleaders: Badges to Bows

Event Details

This event is running from 4 November 2019 until 8 November 2021. It is next occurring on 18 May 2021 4:00 pm

  • Venue: Greenway Centre
  • Upcoming Dates:

Recreational Cheerleading classes:

“Our ‘Badges to Bows’ classes are aimed at primary school aged children new to the world of cheerleading. In these classes they will learn the basics of cheerleading; Jumps, Tumbles, Stunts, and Dance Motions. Attendees will work through the disciplines and will be awarded stars on their ‘Badges to Bows’ card for each skill learnt. Once all of the stars have been earnt a bow for each discipline can be purchased. These classes focus on developing fundamental skills such as; balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination.”

Children completing their badges to bows card and obtaining all of their bows will graduate and be given the opportunity to move through to our competitive teams!!

Badges to Bows: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-4.55pm

(Primary School aged children, term time only)

£5 for a trial session and termly booking and payment thereafter

To book just drop us an email: