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North Bristol Trampoline Club



Greenway Centre
Doncaster Road Southmead
BS10 5PY Bristol

Thursdays 6pm~8pm (8 year olds +) and approx 6:15pm~7:15pm (5-7 year olds). It takes approx 10 mins to set up and pack away the trampolines either side of the session, if all club members (8+) offer help out. The more help we get, the quicker we can start. Note: some equipment can only be handled by 12+ year olds, so we ask younger members 8+ to help with mats and little ones (5-7) to keep out of the way. Little ones must have a parent/ guardian present at all times. Children aged 8+ may be dropped off. We encourage parents/ carers and students to help out with setting up, spotting during the sessions, and packing away. We appreciate all help that a parent/ guardian can offer. If you do leave your children with us for the session, please arrive promptly 10 mins before the end to collect your children. If your child turns 8 in the year, they are welcome to try staying for the full session, but please note that they are in a transition age, and may be quite tired by the end of the session.

Greenway Centre
Doncaster Road
BS10 5PY