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Southmead Community Fruit Garden



behind the Whitehall
Glencoyne Square Southmead
BS10 8DE Bristol , BST

In 2013 a group of volunteers started the Southmead Community Fruit Garden, where volunteers are transforming disused land into a productive community growing space, planted with a range of fruit trees, flowers, and soft fruit and wildlife areas. We are creating a beautiful space where people can come to enjoy growing, eating and discovering unusual edible plants. There is also a bug hotel. It's a place for local people to come together to enjoy growing and eating their own food. We have a leisurely attitude to work, always finding time to do some eating and socialising! All abilities welcome. Please contact: Kandace t: 07534 640 041

07534 640 041
behind the Whitehall
Glencoyne Square
BS10 8DE