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Westbury Painting Club

Tim Fielder - Fleeting Avon


Greenway Centre
Doncaster Road
BS10 5PY Bristol , BST

Our Background
We are a private club, set up in the 1970's, and we meet weekly on Thursday evenings between 7pm and 9pm at the Greenway Centre. In these ever-increasingly busy times, our club provides an opportunity for its members to chill out and devote at least a couple of hours a week to their hobby, enjoying the company of fellow artists. Many find that the surroundings in their private home are not conducive to painting with too many distractions. Even with ideal circumstances at home many of us find it very difficult to discipline ourselves into setting aside time to paint and the club meetings are the answer for us. We are a mixed ability group of artists and between us we work in most types of media – largely watercolour and pastel but members enjoy experimenting with different techniques and you are just as likely to find someone working in acrylics, with coloured pencils or in oils. There is no formal aspect to our meetings – we just come to paint our individually chosen subjects. No tuition and no demonstrations (well, rarely) but we all benefit from a wander round the room during the evening to discuss fellow members' paintings and invite constructive (or other) criticism on our own 'masterpiece', and/or obtain help or suggestions when we meet a challenging problem in our work. Examples of some of our members' work are shown on our Gallery page - see what can be achieved if you just make the time for this pleasant hobby. If you, or someone you know, are interested in taking up a paintbrush, working in a different medium, or just developing your artistic talents then why not come along for an evening to 'try us out' with no obligation - we would be delighted to see you. If you would like to find out more why not come along to one of our Thursday meetings or, alternatively, telephone our secretary June on 0117 962 9799, e-mail: [email protected], or e-mail our treasurer Keith at: [email protected] , for further information.

Greenway Centre
Doncaster Road

BS10 5PY