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The Mead BS10 is a FREE self-publishing community. We publish all variety of content from individuals in or connected to Southmead, as well as content that benefits Southmead residents directly. We also delighted to receive submissions from other areas in the North Bristol region.

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Guidance notes:

  • Your ‘main image’ will appear next to your submission on the homepage. Please only use images you have the copyright to (or use free stock photos). If you don’t proivide an image, we’ll use something we believe is suitable. 5MB maximum size.
  • You can add additional photos using the ‘Insert Photos’ button. 5MB maximum size.
  • If you are promoting an event, please make sure you include times and dates. We will add your event to the calendar.
  • If you need to make further changes, you can edit your item once it’s been approved by us. Just head to ‘Manage Account’ at the top-left.
  • We trust submissions are factually correct. As we are a self-publishing community, we publish ‘as is’ (apart from grammar/spelling errors) and don’t fact check or research what you’ve written. If you’re about to include something you’re not sure of, remember the motto: if in doubt, leave it out!